Solution for Winter Skin

Winterskin without Front

Winterskin without Front

This design without Front is made by 210D 5000 mm Hydrostatic head waterproofed material and fully tape sealed seams. The same Bar stiched reinforced pegging points as normal Bivvies products.

This Design can be used for the bivvy which already has Front Panel. To keep easy using/ looking, to get more reasonable prices people will use this design.

Winterskin with Front

Winterskin with Front

Winterskin with Front Design can be used for Brollies/ Bivvies. This Design is the most popular for fishing bivvies.

Winterskin with Front/ PLUS POLES SUPPORT

Winterskin with Poles Support

Due to the bad weather some people like to put support pole on winterskin. With this design people can also get more space between inner skin and outer skin.


Poles can also be put on inside of Winterskin.

Winterskin Poles Inside Support



Winter Skin

In all tents, condensation usually builds up on the wall during the night. With a double-skin tent you don’t see it, you only see the inner skin, which stops you accidentally brushing against the outer and soaking your sleeping bag. That’s because Gravity pulls the worst of the condensation down the outer skin and it drips into the ground.